Why Is Van Cleef & Arpels Jewellery Becoming So Popular?

June 4th, 2024|Comments Off

Van Cleef & Arpels stands distinguished in the luxury jewellery landscape, known for its elegance, craftsmanship, and storied history. Famous[...]

Guide to Van Cleef & Arpels Holiday Pendants

April 5th, 2024|Comments Off

In the world of luxury jewellery, Van Cleef & Arpels is well-known for its holiday pendants, combining craftsmanship and elegance.[...]

Lab-Grown Diamonds: Myth Vs Truth

March 7th, 2024|Comments Off

In recent years, lab-grown diamonds have emerged as a sparkling topic in the world of fine jewellery. These stones, crafted[...]

Top Celebrities with Lab-Grown Diamonds

March 7th, 2024|Comments Off

In recent years, the jewellery industry has witnessed a shimmering shift towards sustainability and ethical sourcing, with lab-grown diamonds emerging[...]

The History Of Hermes Handbags

February 6th, 2024|Comments Off

Hermes handbags stand as a symbol of luxury and timeless style. Originating from a brand with a rich history, these[...]

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

December 19th, 2023|Comments Off

Diamonds have long been cherished for their sparkling brilliance and timeless allure. But as our understanding of sustainability grows, a[...]

A Guide To The Most Iconic Chanel Handbags

December 19th, 2023|Comments Off

In the illustrious world of fashion, Chanel stands as a timeless symbol of elegance and luxury. The brand, founded by[...]

Natural Diamonds Vs Lab-Grown Diamonds

November 22nd, 2023|Comments Off

Natural diamonds, formed deep within the Earth's mantle over billions of years, have long held an unparalleled allure and mystique.[...]

The Benefits of Purchasing Lab Grown Diamonds

November 22nd, 2023|Comments Off

Diamonds have long been the epitome of luxury, beauty, and commitment. In recent times, however, a new entrant has been[...]

How To Wear Multiple Earrings

November 22nd, 2023|Comments Off

The art of adorning oneself with jewellery has evolved remarkably over the years, and one of the most captivating shifts[...]

Are Diamond Earrings A Good Investment?

November 20th, 2023|Comments Off

For centuries, diamonds have been cherished not just for their brilliance but also for their potential value. Among them, diamond[...]

Choosing the Perfect Earrings for Every Occasion

August 25th, 2023|Comments Off

The secret to stunning style often lies in the details, and when it comes to diamond earrings, the perfect pair[...]

The Most Expensive Bvlgari Jewellery

August 25th, 2023|Comments Off

Bvlgari, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance, has long been synonymous with luxury and opulence. From dazzling jewellery[...]

Most Popular Chopard Jewellery Pieces

July 13th, 2023|Comments Off

Chopard is a luxury jewellery and watch brand that has become synonymous with elegance, glamour, and sophistication. Founded in Switzerland[...]

How to Clean Your Diamond Jewellery

July 13th, 2023|Comments Off

Cleaning diamonds is an important part of maintaining their beauty and value, and it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here’s[...]

Top Luxury Handbag Brands

July 3rd, 2023|Comments Off

Luxury handbags are the ultimate fashion statement. They are stylish, timeless, and often considered a symbol of wealth and success.[...]

Branded Vs Non-Branded Engagement Rings

July 3rd, 2023|Comments Off

When it comes to selecting an engagement ring, couples have a wide variety of choices. Many opt for a traditional[...]

Designer Handbag Trends 2023

June 6th, 2023|Comments Off

As we move into Spring / Summer 2023, fashion lovers and enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to the latest designer[...]

Hermes Handbags vs Chanel Handbags

April 6th, 2023|Comments Off

Hermes and Chanel handbags are two of the most recognisable and sought-after designer handbags in the world. They are both[...]

Understanding Necklace Lengths

April 3rd, 2023|Comments Off

Understanding necklace lengths is an important factor when shopping for jewellery, as it helps to ensure that the piece will[...]

The Ultimate Guide To Birthstones In Jewellery

April 3rd, 2023|Comments Off

Understanding necklace lengths is an important factor when shopping for jewellery, as it helps to ensure that the piece will[...]

The Different Types of Diamonds

March 2nd, 2023|Comments Off

We have all seen them glittering on engagement rings or in storefronts, or heard them celebrated in famous songs -[...]

Taking Care Of Your Jewellery

January 24th, 2023|Comments Off

Whether it is due to sentimental or monetary value, the last thing you want is for your precious jewellery to[...]

Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

January 24th, 2023|Comments Off

Engagement rings can be traced back to the times of the Roman Empire in 27 BC, where their original meaning[...]

Worlds Most Famous Jewellery Designers

December 20th, 2022|Comments Off

Timeless, elegant and classic styles are the hallmarks of the world's top jewellery designers. Many of the famous jewellery designers[...]

Luxury Jewellery Gifts for a Special 50th

December 19th, 2022|Comments Off

Everyone knows 50th birthdays are very special and are renowned for receiving luxury birthday gifts, such as high-end jewellery. By[...]

Travelling With Luxury Jewellery Pieces

December 19th, 2022|Comments Off

If you're planning on travelling with luxury jewellery pieces, it's important to take the utmost care to prevent them from[...]

Iconic Collections from Van Cleef & Arpels

November 29th, 2022|Comments Off

When it comes to luxury jewellery brands, Van Cleef & Arpels is a firm favourite of celebrities and royalty. Having[...]

A Guide To Spotting Fake Cartier Jewellery

November 29th, 2022|Comments Off

Since its foundation in 1847, Cartier has created countless iconic collections, captivating luxury jewellery lovers with its finely crafted pieces.[...]

Does Cartier Jewellery Hold Its Value?

October 12th, 2022|Comments Off

Whether you're keen to invest in Cartier jewellery or are considering selling past seasons' jewellery pieces that you no longer[...]

The History of Boodles British Luxury Jewellery

October 11th, 2022|Comments Off

Few luxury jewellery brands anywhere in the world have been run by the same family for six generations. This is[...]

Bvlgari Jewellery Signature Collections

October 3rd, 2022|Comments Off

Bvlgari jewellery is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and elegant style. The brand was founded in Rome in 1884 by[...]

The Designers of Tiffany Jewellery

August 17th, 2022|Comments Off

The iconic jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. dates back to 1837, when young entrepreneur Charles Lewis Tiffany set up a[...]

Cartier Love Bracelets - Size Guide

August 17th, 2022|Comments Off

The iconic Cartier LOVE bracelet was created as the ultimate symbol of a committed relationship. This unique piece of jewellery[...]

8 Most Iconic Tiffany & Co Jewellery Pieces

August 17th, 2022|Comments Off

When Tiffany & Co. opened as a fancy goods and stationery emporium in New York City in 1837, the founders,[...]

Rings And Fingers - Which Does Each One Symbolise?

August 17th, 2022|Comments Off

When it comes to wedding rings and engagement rings, most people know which finger they're worn on and what each[...]

Cartier rings - Their History & Magnificence

April 12th, 2022|Comments Off

Cartier has become synonymous with exquisite gems, breathtaking designs and superb craftsmanship since its inception in 19th century Paris. In[...]

What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline

March 22nd, 2022|Comments Off

Everyone has been in a situation where you're wearing the perfect outfit, only to realise none of your necklaces seem[...]

Popular Questions About Cartier Love Bracelets

March 22nd, 2022|Comments Off

Everyone has been in a situation where you're wearing the perfect outfit, only to realise none of your necklaces seem[...]

Luxury Jewellery To Suit Your Lifestyle

October 28th, 2021|Comments Off

There really is no better feeling than when a customer finds the perfect piece of jewellery that matches their own[...]

Top Pieces Of Cartier Jewellery To Wear In 2021

October 28th, 2021|Comments Off

Few brands say sophistication quite like Cartier, and their stunning collection of luxury jewellery is perfect for 2021’s fashion trends. @import[...]

The Ultimate Guide To Dress Rings

September 2nd, 2021|Comments Off

Unlike a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring that is worn to symbolise a ceremonial event and cement a union,[...]

How To Spot Fake Jewellery

September 2nd, 2021|Comments Off

Beautiful luxury jewellery is a pleasure to own. Whether you keep your jewellery as an item to simply be admired[...]

Iconic Cartier Jewellery Pieces

July 29th, 2021|Comments Off

Cartier is a jewellery brand that is synonymous with opulence and luxury across the world. The house was initially founded[...]

The Origins of Diamonds

July 29th, 2021|Comments Off

From the bowels of the earth to the luxury jewellery in the shop window, diamonds have a long and interesting[...]

A Guide To David Morris Jewellery

June 17th, 2021|Comments Off

Established in 1962, David Morris Jewellery is a luxurious and high-quality brand; each piece is handmade in London and boasts[...]

Handbags: Fashion And Investment

June 17th, 2021|Comments Off

A luxury handbag is more than a fashion statement; it is an investment. In a landscape of bonds, stock, and[...]

The Luxury Brooch Is Back

May 7th, 2021|Comments Off

In its most basic form, a brooch is simply a decorative ornament fastened to an item of clothing with a[...]

Why Luxury Cufflinks Remain A Popular Fashion Choice For Men

May 7th, 2021|Comments Off

Cufflinks have been in style for hundreds of years, originally dating back to the 17th century @import url(""); @import url(""); .sayu-ig .button {text-decoration:[...]

Why Should You Purchase High Jewellery & What Is The Best Way To Do It

April 6th, 2021|Comments Off

High jewellery is one of the most rewarding investments you can make, either as a gift for yourself or someone[...]

Why Do Brands Produce High Jewellery?

April 6th, 2021|Comments Off

Brands like Tiffany & Co are famous for producing high, luxury jewellery that the average consumer could never hope to[...]

The History Of The Alhambra Collection

March 10th, 2021|Comments Off

Founded in 1906 and renowned for its emblematic creations, French luxury jewellery house Van Cleef & Arpels has been creating[...]

The History Of Graff

March 10th, 2021|Comments Off

Established in 1960, Graff Diamonds create beautifully unique collections that radiate the divine essence of femininity through their delicate and[...]

The History Of The Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet

February 2nd, 2021|Comments Off

Established in 1847 by Parisian, Louis-François Cartier, Cartier is now one of the world’s finest and most distinguished jewellery brands.[...]

The History Of The Cartier Love Bracelets

February 2nd, 2021|Comments Off

Most great jewellery and fashion houses have started from humble beginnings, and the iconic Cartier brand is no exception. Who[...]

The History Of Chopard

January 4th, 2021|Comments Off

From dazzling high jewellery to exceptional watches, Chopard is renowned for creative expression, extraordinary craftsmanship, opulent gems and exquisite collections[...]

The History Of Van Cleef & Arpels

January 4th, 2021|Comments Off

The history of the Van Cleef & Arpels brand is one steeped in romance and wonder. It all began in[...]

The History Of Bvlgari

November 30th, 2020|Comments Off

Sotirio Voulgaris was born in northern Greece in a tiny village in the Pindus Mountains. The area was renowned for[...]

The History Of Louis Vuitton

November 30th, 2020|Comments Off

Sotirio Voulgaris was born in northern Greece in a tiny village in the Pindus Mountains. The area was renowned for[...]

The History Of Cartier

November 17th, 2020|Comments Off

Cartier was founded in 1847 by Parisian watchmaker Louis-François Cartier and is one of the most exquisite and high profile[...]

The History Of Tiffany & Co

November 17th, 2020|Comments Off

Since it was founded in 1837 by 25-year-old Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young in New York City, Tiffany[...]

The most exclusive Diamond Necklaces

August 4th, 2020|Comments Off

Unveiled in September 2015, the [...]

Which Country Produces & Consumes The Most Jewellery Per Year?

July 30th, 2020|Comments Off

Sales of high-end jewellery and watches have increased hugely over the past two years. Mintel, one of the world's leading[...]

Caring For Your Jewellery

June 22nd, 2020|Comments Off

Diamonds may be one of the hardest substances on Earth, but you need to handle and look after your diamond[...]

The Best Retirement Gifts For Women

January 24th, 2020|Comments Off

Retirement is an achievement that should not go unnoticed. Whether your wife, family member or friend is retiring, it is[...]

Finding The Perfect Necklace For Your Wedding

January 22nd, 2020|Comments Off

The jewellery you wear on your wedding day is not only significant because it adds the vital finishing touches to[...]

The Best Dressed Celebrities On The Red Carpet

December 23rd, 2019|Comments Off

This Autumn has been a busy time for those in the public eye, with many red carpet events giving them[...]

The Best Events To Come In 2020

December 19th, 2019|Comments Off

We’re already waving goodbye to 2019 and looking ahead to 2020, the start of a brand-new decade and a whole[...]

The Best Graduation Gifts

November 28th, 2019|Comments Off

Years of hard work lead up to a very special day. As a loved one graduates, commemorate their success with[...]

Formal Wear Guide

November 28th, 2019|Comments Off

Being prepared prior to attending a formal event is paramount to ensure you make the right style choices. It [...]

Luxury Jewellery Brands For Him & Her

October 18th, 2019|Comments Off

We all love a bit of luxury in our lives and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. With a rise[...]

Which Gift Should You Buy For Your Milestone Anniversary

October 18th, 2019|Comments Off

Every year of marriage is special and each is celebrated by its own milestone marker. As many of these anniversary[...]

How To upgrade Your Personal Style

September 20th, 2019|Comments Off

Whether you are preparing for the new season or transitioning to a new stage of your life, here are three[...]

A Guide To Diamond Jewellery

September 20th, 2019|Comments Off

When it comes to buying diamonds, it is imperative that you do your research first and make sure that you[...]

Enchanting Ruby Jewels

June 29th, 2017|Comments Off

  Ruby jewels are among the rarest and most expensive gemstones in the world; known for their sharp hue, rarity and[...]

The Best of the Best - Celebrity Engagement Rings

May 16th, 2017|Comments Off

Photo Credit: Evening Standard Celebrities sparkle, and no more so when they are newly engaged. Celebrity engagement rings often make headlines[...]

The 2017 Oscars

March 8th, 2017|Comments Off

The Oscars is the penultimate ceremony of the red carpet awards season, so we might have guessed that we would[...]

The Annual 74th Golden Globe Awards

January 17th, 2017|Comments Off

The Annual 74th Golden Globes Awards took place last Sunday, and the stars certainly sparkled, celebrating an exceptional year of[...]

Jewellery News from the CMA

December 6th, 2016|Comments Off

  This week our top jewellery news focuses on the dazzling Carrie Underwood and her breath-taking wardrobe choices, as she co-hosted[...]

Bridal jewellery that'll make you say, "I do"

October 17th, 2016|Comments Off

What they say is true. Your wedding day is one of the most special occasions you'll have in your life,[...]

Top spots for a Parisian proposal

September 27th, 2016|Comments Off

  When you think of love we’re sure, as with most of us, your immediate thought springs to a family member,[...]


How to wear your diamonds daily

September 27th, 2016|Comments Off

There’s a new secret in town that only the most stylish of trendsetters have picked[...]

10 interesting facts about sapphires

September 23rd, 2016|Comments Off

  In our view, sapphires are simply wonderful. Through the ages they’ve remained at the top[...]

Largest Diamond Ever Sold At Auction Fetches $30.6 Million

August 3rd, 2016|Comments Off

  A 118-carat egg-sized jewel, is the largest diamond ever sold at auction, the price rose[...]


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