Taking Care Of Your Jewellery

Whether it is due to sentimental or monetary value, the last thing you want is for your precious jewellery to become dirty or damaged. Cleaning your jewellery is vital to maintaining its value as well as preserving its appearance.

Taking Care
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Whether it is due to sentimental or monetary value, the last thing you want is for your precious jewellery to become dirty or damaged. Cleaning your jewellery is vital to maintaining its value as well as preserving its appearance.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to in order to keep your jewellery at its finest. Read on to discover how to make sure your luxury jewellery is kept in top quality condition.

Knowing When To Remove Your Jewellery

Regardless of materials or expense, all jewellery can be delicate and for this reason, it is important to know when it's best to remove it. Typically, jewellery can be easily damaged or even lost when undergoing activities like washing up, swimming, cleaning, playing sports or gardening.

In all of these circumstances, it is surprisingly easy to lose a piece of jewellery. It can also be beneficial to remove necklaces, for example, for your own safety during some of these activities. It is also imperative to remove any jewellery when you are working with chemicals, including when cleaning, as these can damage the surface of your pieces.

Storing Your Jewellery Properly

If you are a true jewellery lover, you are likely to have a lot of pieces that you can combine to adorn any outfit. If this is the case, then your jewellery will probably spend a lot of time in storage. This is one of the most common ways that pieces can get damaged so making sure to store items with care is pivotal.

It is easy for jewellery to sustain damage when coming into contact with rough materials or knocking into each other. This is an especially prevalent issue for delicate gemstones, pearls and precious metals. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that the items don't come into contact with each other at all. You could use the original boxes and keep your pieces in airtight bags to avoid tarnishing. If you have a lot of pieces, however, a better option for you might be a jewellery armoire which is specifically designed to hold rings, necklaces and more. This ensures that everything has a place and won't come into contact with each other, therefore preventing damage and simultaneously keeping your dresser tidy.

Travel With A Jewellery Case

It can be even more important to protect your jewellery when you are transporting it. Travelling means large bags and loose items as well as a lot of bumpy movement and jostling. This can be a big problem for jewellery so if you are planning on going on any sort of trip soon, make sure you invest in a jewellery case. These are designed for the purpose and so contain protective materials that ensure you don't end up with any tangles and scratches.

Check Your Luxury Pieces Regularly

It is more important with luxury pieces than with any other to be vigilant in checking for signs of damage or dirt. Each time you wear a piece, make sure to check it before putting it into storage. Ensure that it isn't becoming dirty and check that any clasps are done up and any jewels or stones are firmly in place.

A loose clasp may seem irrelevant, but if it continues to worsen, it could lead to the entire necklace or bracelet falling off and therefore being lost. A loose gemstone could be the same, and simply taking your item to be repaired is much easier and cheaper than entirely replacing one. If you notice any signs of dirt or damage, you can clean the item or have it repaired as the sooner you notice the problem, the more likely you are able to fix it before it escalates.

Cleaning Your Jewellery Effectively

Ensuring that you clean your jewellery correctly can be different depending on the metals, gems or stones used. For this reason, if you are unsure then you should take your items to a professional who can completely reinvigorate your jewellery and return it to the dazzling piece it once was.

Some of the most basic rules, however, include using a soft cloth with minimal water and soap to wash pieces and making sure to dry them off as quickly as possible. For sterling silver items, you will need to use a sterling silver-specific jewellery cloth to clean them. Pearls should be frequently restrung and you should never use any abrasive chemicals on them. It is recommended that you visit a jeweller at least once a year to ensure the quality and upkeep of your most precious pieces.

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