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Prada design is focused on a sleek, uncluttered aesthetic and elegant functionality. From clutches to shoulder bags, Prada is a byword for quality, synonymous with the bleeding edge of style. Prada products are designed as part of the 'Pradasphere', an all-encompassing intellectual universe that uses visual coding to translate conceptual beauty into a practical, functional universe. It's part of Prada's mission statement to transcend trends, reaching not just for innovation but for timeless style. The Prada design team considers art forms such as film and photography to create, rather than respond to, fashion. Rather than being 'in' or 'out', Prada produces timeless statements about the current moment, always created with advanced techniques and the most ethical manufacturing possible. Prada keeps things simple, they keep things classic, and yet everything they produce is both original and unique. Past, present, and future aren't a simple progression - for Prada, they're a constantly fluctuating discourse.

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