Popular Questions About Cartier Love Bracelets

Everyone has been in a situation where you're wearing the perfect outfit, only to realise none of your necklaces seem to complement your ensemble.

popular questions about
cartier lOVE bracelets

The Cartier LOVE bracelet is one of the world's most iconic pieces of jewellery. The ultimate symbol of a committed relationship, the bangle comprises of two pieces bolted together using a tiny Cartier screwdriver. The idea is that it requires a partner to put it on for you, making it a lasting sign of your commitment to each other.

Owning any item of Cartier jewellery or timepiece is the height of opulence, thanks to the French brand's distinguished heritage, dating back to 1847. The designer and creator of these luxury jewellery and watches were founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris.

His son, Alfred, became his business partner in 1872, when the brand expanded internationally, a trend continued by Alfred's three sons, Louis, Jacques and Pierre in the early 20th century.

Cartier is renowned for creating unique pieces for clients, including royalty and celebrities, such as the Panthère brooch designed for Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, in the 1940s.

King Edward VII, who called Cartier the "jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers", issued the brand with a royal warrant in 1904.

cartier LOVE bracelets

The Cartier LOVE bracelet was designed in the 20th century with lovers in mind. It is still in production, more than 50 years after its launch.

The bangle's popularity among celebrity couples has continued, following some very clever marketing by Cartier at the launch. Cartier gifted 25 famous couples with the bracelet to reinforce the lovers' message.

Celebrity couples included Hollywood royalty Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton - famous for their passionate romance - and the sophisticated Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti.

In recent times, Pippa Middleton has been spotted wearing a LOVE bracelet, while Meghan Markle and Prince Harry famously wore them on a TV appearance about Time’s annual list of the world's top 100 most influential people.

Of course, people have lots of questions about this beautiful and iconic bracelet, one of the most unusual items in the women's Cartier jewellery collection. Read on to find the answers to popular questions about Cartier LOVE bracelets.

When was the Cartier LOVE bracelet produced?

Aldo Cipullo, the renowned Italian jewellery designer, created the Cartier LOVE bracelet in 1969, working from the New York base of the French luxury jewellery house. It quickly became a "must-have" item to show the world the person wearing it was "locked into love".

It was said he designed it at 3 am while feeling upset after the breakup of a relationship. He was looking for a jewel that couldn't be easily slipped off, to symbolise his vision of the permanence of love.

The oval-shaped bracelet was designed to fit closely to the wrist. The screws are the defining detail on the bangle: it can be removed only by using the special screwdriver that comes with it.

Explaining the design concept, Cipullo said modern people wanted "semi-permanent love symbols" that suggested an "everlasting quality".

What's the difference between the new and old versions?

The oval-shaped bracelet is styled in 18-carat yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. In addition, more recent designs have been fashioned from platinum. A diamond-studded LOVE bracelet was first introduced to the public in 1979, ten years after the original was launched.

In 2011, Cartier redesigned the locking mechanism to minimise the risk of losing the screws. Instead of the screws being removed completely when the bracelet opened, they remained attached. Although only a subtle difference in the design, this helps buyers to determine if the LOVE bracelet is an old or new style one.

Cartier has expanded the LOVE collection to include more items based on the original bracelet's design, including cufflinks, rings, earrings, necklaces and watches.

How heavy is a LOVE bracelet?

Cartier LOVE bracelets are a substantial weight. They are certainly not flimsy and you feel as if you're wearing something significant. The average weight of a LOVE bracelet is around 35 grams. This can vary very slightly, depending on the metal and the design, such as whether you're purchasing the diamond-studded variant.

How tight should a Cartier LOVE bracelet be?

While more traditional bracelets and bangles are often designed so they can slip over the hand and onto the wrist, the Cartier LOVE bracelet is designed to be a snug fit. This is due to its purpose of being a sign of true love. It is not intended that the wearer will want to take it off, hence it can be opened only by using the special screwdriver.

The screwdriver can also be bought in the form of a necklace so that the bracelet can be "locked" onto the wearer, while the key is worn around the neck of their true love. This is a further symbol of their commitment to the relationship.

Do they come in silver?

The Cartier LOVE bracelet has not been released in silver. They are made exclusively in 18 carat yellow, white, or rose gold and 950 platinum, some with precious stones such as diamonds and sapphires. 

If you see an apparent Cartier LOVE bangle in silver, steel, or any different material other than those listed, it is a fake.

Are Cartier LOVE bracelets a good investment?

When the LOVE collection first went on sale, it was for the comparatively low retail price of $250 in the US, which was around £180. The LOVE bracelet never loses its value. Today, the prices can range upwards of £37,000 depending on the precious metal and gems.

Where to buy Cartier LOVE bracelets?

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