8 Most Iconic Tiffany & Co Jewellery Pieces

When Tiffany & Co. opened as a fancy goods and stationery emporium in New York City in 1837, the founders, Charles Tiffany and John Young, had big ideas. It wasn't long until the business expanded into a luxury jewellery retailer known as the "palace of jewels".

8 most iconic
tiffany & co
Jewellery pieces

When Tiffany & Co. opened as a fancy goods and stationery emporium in New York City in 1837, the founders, Charles Tiffany and John Young, had big ideas. It wasn't long until the business expanded into a luxury jewellery retailer known as the "palace of jewels".

The city's wealthiest families, including shipping and railroad millionaires the Vanderbilts and real estate moguls the Astors, wore Tiffany's jewellery. The company's status as one of the world's leading luxury jewellery brands was cemented before the start of the 20th century.

The company has collaborated with a number of top designers over the years to produce plenty of iconic pieces of jewellery. During the 1960s, the brand became a household name after the romantic comedy, Breakfast at Tiffany's, starring Audrey Hepburn, was released.

Renowned for its high-quality exquisite jewellery, Tiffany & Co. has released some very special items that have become legendary all over the world. Read our guide to find out more about the brand's eight most iconic jewellery pieces. 

1. Tiffany T Bracelet

The Tiffany T Bangle made its debut in 2014 as part of the Tiffany T collection, designed by the brand's new design director, Francesca Amfitheatrof. She found inspiration in New York's creative atmosphere, combined with the light, sleek bracelets from Tiffany's archives.

The minimalist, smooth line of the bracelet was ideal for daily wear, with the T-motif honouring the brand's essence and adding a modern edge to any outfit. The collection was labelled a "symbol of modern life" and soon became a contemporary classic.

Today, the Tiffany T Bangle comes in yellow, rose and white gold, sterling silver and in several different thicknesses. Some of the bracelets in the collection also feature pavé-set diamonds.

2. tiffany heart tag charm bracelet

The iconic Return to Tiffany collection was inspired by a key ring, created in 1966, inscribed with the words, "Please Return to Tiffany & Co. New York". Tiffany launched a range of key tags, each with a unique registration number. If the owner lost their key, the tag ensured it was returned to Tiffany's store, on Fifth Avenue, to be reunited.

In 1969, the Return to Tiffany jewellery collection was launched with a heart-shaped tag, featuring the registered code number, on a chain, priced at £37. Resembling a charm bracelet, it was the first of the now-iconic key tag bracelets that were reintroduced in the 1990s.

The Tiffany Heart Tag Charm Bracelet is available today in precious metals including 18-carat gold, sterling silver and stainless silver.

3. Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag Pendant

A second iconic piece of luxury jewellery from the Return to Tiffany collection is the Heart Tag Pendant, created in 1980. The 14-carat, yellow gold, heart-shaped pendant was released on a box chain necklace. During the 1980s, the Return to Tiffany tag was also released on a screwball key ring.

Tiffany has added the Colour Splash collection to the heart-shaped charm in recent years. A touch of Tiffany's famous signature blue gives the charm a new lease of life with a smooth enamel finish. The interesting new elements have added an unusual twist to the classic piece while remaining true to Tiffany's long heritage.

4. Tiffany 1837 Ring

The Tiffany 1837 collection was launched to mark Tiffany's 175th anniversary. It featured sleek curves and contours and also introduced Rubedo, a combination of gold, silver, and copper and a material new to the brand. The revolutionary metal has a delicate, rosy luminescence, inspired by the light of dawn, according to the creator.

The 1837 ring is inscribed with the year Tiffany was founded. It features a simple, timeless design, with a flat top that is perfect for engraving. It comes in various precious metals, including 18-carat gold and sterling silver. It is designed to be worn alone or to complement other Tiffany jewellery.

5. Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Setting

A Tiffany engagement ring is the stuff that dreams are made of! In the world of luxury jewellery, nothing is more iconic than the brand's revolutionary setting. The company founder, Charles Tiffany himself, introduced the Tiffany Setting.

It features a six-pronged setting that propels the diamond above the ring's band. This was the first setting of its kind back in 1886. At the time, diamond rings were traditionally set in bezels. The now-famous Tiffany Setting revolutionised jewellery and continues to be popular today.

6. Tiffany Diamonds by the Yard Pendant

The renowned Italian jewellery designer, Elsa Peretti, joined Tiffany & Co. in 1974. She immediately took the industry by storm with her contemporary designs that remain relevant today. She created more than 30 collections for Tiffany until her death in 2021.

One of her most iconic designs is the Diamonds by the Yard collection. The simple, classic necklaces feature small diamonds in tasteful, yet striking, settings. Peretti's eye for unusual details ensured the success of the Diamonds by the Yard Pendant. It features a round, VS clarity, brilliant-cut diamond on a chic link chain made from a choice of precious metals, including platinum.

7. Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso Loving Heart Pendant

Paloma Picasso, the daughter of renowned artist Pablo Picasso, joined Tiffany's in 1979 and went on to create a number of iconic collections, many ahead of their time. One of her most legendary is the Loving Heart collection.

Designed as a symbol of love, Picasso's timeless and bold signature style has made the Loving Heart Pendant a unique interpretation of the concept of love and romance. As well as the pendant necklace, the Loving Heart collection includes many other pieces, including bracelets and earrings.

8. Tiffany HardWear Ball Hook Earrings

Amfitheatrof created the Tiffany & Co. HardWear collection, using bold spheres and chain links. The luxury collection comprises clean lines and modern shapes. Amfitheatrof said she was inspired by a vintage piece from the Tiffany 1971 Ball and Chain design.

Pop icon Lady Gaga was the face of the HardWear collection in 2017, further cementing its edgy appeal. The Tiffany HardWear Ball Hook Earrings, available in various precious metals, such as 18-carat gold, capture the spirit of modern New York City.

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