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A diamond brooch can be a thoughtful, sophisticated gift for a special someone. At Rich Diamonds, we stock an exclusive range of stunning diamond brooches, capable of adding an air of elegance to any outfit or style.

Our selection includes a wide variety of gorgeous styles, available in white gold, yellow gold and platinum. Even more impressively, these brooches incorporate pretty, top-quality gemstones ranging from citrine, to emeralds, to rubies, sapphires, and more. Our price range is extremely extensive, so whatever you are wishing to spend, we can find a perfect brooch for you. We stock brooches that are brand new or pre-owned, which have been tended to with ultimate care. Our designs include adorable ladybirds, roses, and classic birds, offering a unique combination of the traditional with the glamorous nature of a diamond. Stop the Rich Diamond range of diamond brooches today to find your favourite.

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