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Prestigious and iconic, the Fendi brand has developed into a global legend over the past 94 years. Above all, it is renowned for its high-quality leather goods - in particular, handbags. Popularised in the media, Fendi bags have been described as some of the first 'it' fashion items. Perhaps most emblematic of this reputation is the Baguette, which rose to prominence as a favourite accessory of style queen Carrie Bradshaw on HBO's sensational hit series, Sex & the City. Today, the Peekaboo bag and the Pequin bag are included amongst Fendi's luxurious lineup of high-quality leather goods. After nearly a century, it is clear that Fendi bags are able to withstand the test of time. The craftsmanship, the elegance, the class and the quality all unite to produce a collector's item with the ability to make a personal statement about your sense of style and self. A Fendi bag is a companion for life.

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