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Oscar Heyman Jewellery

Oscar Heyman has been a purveyor of fine jewellery and gems since 1912. With over a hundred years of experience, you can be confident that whatever beautiful piece you buy will delight you. The form is still run by Heymans today, who have continued with the impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail and love and care of every piece their ancestors employed over a century ago. Oscar Heyman scours the world for the finest gems which are put into unique settings at their jewellery atelier in New York. Oscar Heyman is famous for its use of coloured gemstones such as moonstones and dazzling sapphires but also excel at creating pieces with more traditional gems like diamonds. The firm has worked with big names like Cartier, won awards for their fabulous designs, and been worn by celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, who had her iconic diamond ring reset by the company.

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