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Mappin & Webb Jewellery

Established since 1775, Mappin and Webb are synonymous with exquisite British craftsmanship. These pieces have long been treasured and passed down through generations. Initially creating beautifully-crafted silver, Jonathan Mappin saw his company expand across the globe. He received Royal Warrants and commissions from monarchs around the world, and became recognised as the epitome of luxury lifestyle jewellery. Patrons have included Queen of France Marie-Antoinette and Princess Grace of Monaco. A truly British success story, over 241 years later and Mappin and Webb are still creating unique jewellery to suit contemporary tastes. From statement pieces to heartfelt gifts, each piece is cherished for a lifetime. This timeless collection includes unique jewellery items to gift for special occasions, such as engagements and anniversaries, or simply to shower your loved one with affection. From sparkling diamond bracelets to bespoke lapis lazuli necklaces, Mappin and Webb jewellery is an elegant and timeless memento.

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