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De Vroomen Jewellery

De Vroomen's award-winning craftsmanship combines bold with the subtle, and they are world-renowned for their enamel jewellery designs. For over 50 years from its base in London, De Vroomen's exquisite jewellery has put the focus on a woman's individuality and character. It's the woman who makes the impression, not the dress. The art of repousse gives the brand their distinctive look: the technique involves hammering a sheet of gold thousands of times to achieve the perfect shimmering surface with a soft glow. De Vroomen designs, several of which are on display in the Goldsmiths' Hall Collection, are made for those who appreciate the finest craftsmanship and timeless appeal. Both precious and semi-precious stones are used throughout their range, paired with enamels from subtle to fabulous. Lustrous pearls are a common theme, paired with glowing, beautifully crafted gold. Whether day or night, express your style, elegance, and sophistication with De Vroomen jewellery.

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